Sheridan Lighting Systems, Inc.


You have an arsenal of manufacturers to choose from. Yet, even though you have an extensive catalog of products, invariably your client wants something just a little different. Sure, you can provide something similar, but will it be close enough? If you ask for modifications, will the factory accommodate your request? Even if the factory says yes, will the end result still be affordable?

Sheridan Lighting Systems is pleased to work with you under the assumption that we want to supply what you need at a reasonable price and in aggressively short lead-time. Affordable, custom, creative lighting solutions.  Whether you need to match existing or another manufacturer's spec, we'd be glad to help.

Take a look at the "Custom Design" section. It contains a number of custom designs prepared for various projects. We hope that in addition to standard catalog items, you will find our custom capabilities useful to you and your clients. We look forward to being of service.


creative custom solutions

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